Jour d’ete (second edition)

Jour d’ete (second edition) is an original 2-layer, hand pulled, silk screen and watercolour print on Heritage, 300gsm paper.

Edition of 9
Height 80 cm
Width 110 cm

This work is Unframed
Framing is Available (Contact me for details)

Jour d’ete is a joyful testimony of a summer day scene at the beach. The photograph which was taken on the ocean near Biarritz, summarises so many of the attitudes and poses of people that it is very easy for one to project oneself and/or our loved ones in it. One could be this girl walking on the sand with her colourful skirt and sandals in her hands, or the one testing the water, or the little girl with her red swimming suit filling her bucket with sand… Watercolour here is used to enhance the delicate warmth of the sun, the allure of the ocean and the generally playful aspect of the scene. The large scale of the print allow the viewer to escape into the scene.

4 in stock

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Nathalie Kingdon in her studio

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